Spreed partners with MoFuse to help Postmedia’s advertisers go mobile

Today Providence, Rhode Island’s MoFuse announced a partnership with Toronto’s Spreed Inc. to offer value-added mobile web development services to major media organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Spreed is working with MoFuse to provide additional revenue opportunities for its customers’ digital ad sales teams by enabling publishers to offer mobile websites to local businesses.

With over 50% of searches for local businesses being conducted on a mobile device, not having a mobile presence is a huge roadblock to reach a growing mobile audience. This partnership will eliminate this hurdle and allow small-to-medium sized businesses to rapidly adopt mobile, while creating new revenue opportunities for media companies.

As part of today’s announcement, the companies revealed they are working with Postmedia to create mobile websites for local businesses. Spreed will work closely with the Postmedia ad sales team to identify opportunities, while MoFuse will quickly turn around mobile websites to meet the advertisers’ needs.