Spring Launches KickX, a Pre-Activator Program for Startups

Spring Activator, a “purpose-driven activator” located in Vancouver, is launching an online accelerator, KickX on Tuesday, June 16, and is accepting applications now. 

After four cohorts in Spring Activator’s physical space, the group is eliminating geography as a constraint for determined entrepreneurs, providing a network of mentors and guidance to entrepreneurs who may not have access to accelerators in major cities.

KickX is a six-week, pre-activator program that is designed to take a business from the ideation to reality. Participants spend two nights per week in virtual sessions with experienced business mentors and advisors, organizing, planning, and validating their ideas.

“Kicksters” will have access to other entrepreneurs and the combined experience of the Spring team. Homework connects the sessions and weeks as the cohort progresses toward graduation.



“We’re a global incubator. We plug you into a global network of entrepreneurs, mentors, funders, and resources. We are a mentor-heavy program,” Spring Activator Founder and CEO Keith Ippel said. “Entrepreneurs from all over the world will benefit from training, networking & mentorship that is normally limited to cosmopolitan areas.”

KickX is especially interested in entrepreneurs whose ideas originate from a motivation to create value first. 

Ippel said, “We come from a values-driven approach. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who actually want to change the world. Our values-based approach and our impact-based approach is really designed to respond to that kind of entrepreneur.”

For more information on the program and Spring Activator, you can visit the KickX website.