Spring-loaded Technology Helps Put A Spring In Your Step

Halifax’s Spring Loaded Technology aims to make a better knee brace. Instead of just bracing the knee, they aim to enhance it.

Though Spring Loaded could help you jump higher and land softer (picture Disney’s John Carter, but take it down a couple notches), the real potential is for rehabilitation and injury prevention. The product could give those with knee problems due to age or obesity a whole new lease on life.

It would seem that investors have noticed the potential as well. Though their seed funding round only started in February, Halifax’s Clarke IT Solutions have already “jumped at the chance,” investing $100,000. They plan to have the product on shelves by mid-2014, through licensing agreements with companies already making knee-braces.


Spring Loaded is made up of three Dalhousie University students, Chris Cowper-Smith, Bob Garrish, and Shea Kewin, who developed the idea while attending Dalhousie University’s Starting Lean program. It’s easy to see why finding investors won’t be hard, as together the Spring Loaded members have degrees in business, math, engineering, and psychology and neuroscience.

For more on Spring Loaded, visit their website.