Sprouter Founder named to 30 Under 30 list

Earlier this week Sarah Prevette was named to Inc.com’s 2010 30 Under 30 List of America’s Coolest Young Entrepreneurs. Prevette is the Founder of Toronto’s Sprouter.com.

Feeling isolated in your start-up venture? Have questions but have no one to turn to for answers? Sarah Prevette knows the feeling. When she started upinion.com, a pop culture website for teens and tweens back in 2007, Prevette could only get feedback from colleagues, friends, and family. “While they were entirely supportive, they didn’t identify with the same issues,” she says. To get the answers she needed, she picked up the phone and started cold calling people who had started similar ventures. Her success was limited.

“I would hit these entrepreneurs with 10 questions about how’d you do this, how’d you get the visibility and things,” Prevette says. “And then I’d be sort of shocked and bothered when they wouldn’t call me back.” In response, she started an online community of entrepreneurs to help her, and it was that group that led to her new venture, Sprouter, which launched online last November. 

Prevette is everywhere this week – she is also featured in Impact’s online video series I Am My Ambition.