Sprouter re-designs their website to reflect a new strategy

New Sprouter re-design screenshotToday, Toronto-based Sprouter.com has announced a new re-design which reflects their recent decision to focus more on the Q&A functionality of their website. The Sprouter community has evolved into a platform that helps to facilitate conversations and provide Q&A with high profile entrepreneurs and investor experts whose content is carefully selected by the Sprouter team.

The founder of Sprouter, Sarah Prevette says that the company is “thrilled to give our members more of what they want. We saw an element of our service that was getting far more traction than the product we had thought was our core feature. Our community was highlighting the usefulness of the Q&A while we were busy touting the value of the founders open forum.” Sprouter decided to change the focus because it was “already the strongest value proposition.”

Sprouter hosted a Q&A subsection on their website long before the popularity of online Q&A platforms like Quora emerged. Prevette says that she “was originally inspired by earlier startups like John Wechsler’s FormSpring.” She likes the “concept of real-time conversation and will be exploring this further as Sprouter expands the service. The recent explosion in Q&A is a testament to people’s desire to get advice from other people and engage in debate. People have opinions and want to share them.”

Users can expect timely answers from Sprouter’s impressive pool of experts including Mint.com’s Aaron Patzer and renowned investor Mark Suster. If you want to participate in a conversation about startup businesse issues, you can find relevant content by category or search term. You can also comment and vote on answers in a Quora-like fashion, and share answers with your network.

Sprouter will be kicking-off the newly re-designed site with a live Q&A session with Cheezburger Network’s CEO Ben Huh tomorrow at 2pm EST.

Here is a link to their blog post announcing the change. Tell us what you think about their new strategy?