Sprylogics and Pointstreak 5050 Sign Strategic Agreement

Sprylogics International Corp. (“Sprylogics” or the “Company”) (TSXV: SPY), a technology provider of semantic search and local mobile search for consumers and businesses, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic agreement with Pointstreak 5050 an electronic raffle software system that drives consumer participation in raffle events while providing accountability to the raffle process.

Pointstreak 5050 system electronically captures every transaction while providing updated real-time raffle information to display devices located throughout the venue.

Pointstreak 5050 is the market leader and is currently used by over 250 different venues throughout North America, including over 70 major professional sports teams (e.g. NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc.), 16 NCAA institutions and reaches over 100 million sports fans annually.  The company has been experiencing significant growth throughout the United States as it adds more professional sports teams, NCAA institutions as well as high schools.  In the near future the company also intends on launching its 50/50 platform in Europe.

Sprylogics and Pointstreak 5050 will pursue important initiatives including the marketing, branding and business development that mutually enhances both Sprylogics’ BreakingSports app and the Pointstreak 5050 platform.  The Pointstreak 5050 system includes several features that make the platform a valuable marketing, ticketing, and business asset including title sponsorship of the nightly draw and creative branding and couponing opportunities on all tickets.

“We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Pointstreak 5050.  They have achieved significant notoriety and traction in several synergistic sports venues and touch millions of fans every day with their product.  We are confident that we can help each other in marketing and growth of our collective products,” said Marvin Igelman, CEO of Sprylogics.  “Our BreakingSports app can benefit greatly from the reach of Pointstreak 5050 and we are very happy to align these marketing efforts with a company that helps return millions of dollars to so many communities with their raffle dollars.”

“We are excited about partnering with BreakingSports.  It is a great product that we are sure will appeal to our customers that are always on the lookout for innovative sports products,” said Scott Secord, President/CEO of Pointstreak 5050. 

BreakingSports tracks social media in real-time for significant sports information and events and distributes summarized information through fully automated real-time push notifications to consumers. By utilizing advanced artificial intelligence techniques, BreakingSports can detect events as they happen and as they are announced in social media, determine nature of the events, attribute events to participants, summarize source articles, index the underlying information, provide search of events and articles and send alerts to fantasy players, sport fans and enthusiasts.

Compared to other similar products, BreakingSports has the differentiated advantage of not requiring human intervention when detecting and generating alerts, thereby enabling faster delivery of relevant information. Through a simple-to-use interface BreakingSports users specify what teams and players they are interested in as well as what type of events they care about, such as injuries, roster moves, line-up changes, statistics, rumours and more.

To get the app visit breakingsportsapp.com or search “BreakingSports” on iOS or Android app store.