Canadian Event Goes Cashless for First Time at Squamish Valley Music Festival Thanks to Intellitix

The US had its first ever fully cashless event in Mysteryland, and now Canada has joined in the fun.

The Squamish Valley Music Festival in BC is set to go fully cashless this weekend.

Expecting up to 35,000 people each day, every visitor at Squamish will be issued a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristband, which will be their sole method of access and payment across the festival site, according to organizers. In its fifth year, the festival has enlisted global RFID experts Intellitix, headquartered in Montreal, to deploy its IntelliPay system, the world’s first fully-integrated RFID system that combines access control, cashless payment and social media integration.

“The RFID system will allow smoother, more efficient access at the gates and faster processing for all onsite transactions at beer gardens, food vendors and merchant sites,” says Paul Runnals, Executive Producer of the Festival and Vice-President of brand. “You can pay simply with a tap of the wrist.”

“We’re very excited to be one of the first Canadian festivals to introduce a fully cashless environment, and we see this as the future of live events,” he added.

The wristbands have been sent via registered mail and festival goers will need to activate them online pre-event to take full advantage of the benefits.

“The wristbands can be Topped Up easily online before the festival and there will also be Top Up stations across the festival site should people wish to add more funds at any time using these counters instead of doing so via their smartphones,” Intellitix CEO Serge Grimaux explains. “In addition to the faster transaction times, our IntelliPay system eradicates fraud and puts customers’ minds at rest that they don’t need to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash.”

The IntelliPay system also allows for Auto-Top Up, where visitors can set their accounts to add more funds if their balance drops below a certain threshold. In that case remaining balances will be refunded post-event so guests never have to go through the hassle of waiting in lines.

“As well as the obvious benefits of a fully cashless environment to both vendors and customers, IntelliPay will also facilitate smoother and faster access across all areas of the site, which was a vital consideration given the vast expansion this year,” noted Runnals.