Standout Jobs re-launches with focus

Yesterday Ben Yoskovitz of Montreal’s Standout Jobs announced the launch of a new version of their product, a new website and a business model to go along with them.

After launching Standout Jobs in late January 2008 we’ve spent the last 9 months or so working with 220+ beta customers, collecting feedback, testing, getting testimonials and case studies and learning. Shortly after launching we began work on the next version. In this day and age a software product’s lifecycle is pretty short, especially after first launching; we knew the first version wouldn’t last. So once it stabilized and we started bringing on customers and getting feedback, we put our heads down and got to work.

So, what’s changed? First, the product name. As any start-up will attest it’s hard enough to built one brand let alone two, so they’ve dropped the product name Reception in favor of Standout Jobs’ Recruitment Communication Platform. Smart move – a more descriptive product will save time (and headaches) explaining the concept.

Second, the website. Less focus on the on the job seeker side and better messaging for who’s paying their bills – employers. The new messaging is clear and definitely an improvement over the old site.

Third, and most importantly, Standout Jobs now has a defined business model that replaces FREE with a subscription-based model that kicks in after a free 45-day trial. In addtion, a new channel partner strategy will see Standout Jobs focus on bringing on top-notch partners in the HR industry.

Overall, Standout Jobs is making a determined effort to shift from a start-up focused on development to one focused on sales & marketing. Makes sense in this difficult market as building revenue and growing a loyal customer base are the only guarantees to success.