With $1 Billion in Mobile Payment Revenue, Starbucks App Accounts for 4% of Mobile Payments

Starbucks’ mobile app is the most used digital payment app in America.

In the US about 10 million customers pay for their lattes with the app, making more than five million transactions per week. And according to BI Intelligence estimates, Starbucks drove over $1 billion in mobile payment revenue in 2013.

Based on forecasted total mobile payments in the US last year of $30 billion, Starbucks drove a full 4% of US mobile payments volume in the year.

“Not only is it making it easy,” says Starbucks Chief Digital Officer, Adam Brotman. “It’s enhancing the experience and the relationship with the customer.”

With Starbucks’ chief executive Howard Schultz stepping away from the day-to-day running of the business to work more closely with the company’s digital chief, look for Starbucks to continue dominating mobile. 

Schultz’ move is part of a senior management shuffle to tighten its focus on next generation digital marketing initiatives.

Schultz and Brotman, along with chief strategy officer Matt Ryan, will now focus on rapidly evolving its digital, mobile, card, loyalty and e-commerce presence.

The changes clearly aim to build on the momentum the company has forged in the mobile payment arena in recent years.