Starbucks Wants Canadians to Tip Their Baristas, Adds Feature to Mobile App

This week Starbucks expanded its digital tipping feature to customers in Canada.

The feature allows customers to show their appreciation to “store partners”—AKA baristas—by leaving a tip through the app.

After completing a transaction via mobile payment, customers who have enabled notifications within the Starbucks app will be prompted to leave a tip if they choose (because, you know, it’s very hard to make a Frappucino!). Customers will have the option to leave a tip from 50 cents to $2. One cool sub-feature is that this amount can be completed or edited within two hours after the original transaction.

The app is free on iPhone and Android.

Starbucks has been very successful at mobile payments, accounting for more than 4% of all mobile payments in North America after generating more than $1 billion in mobile payment revenue in 2013 alone.

Also, fun fact: There are more Starbucks per capita in Canada than any other country in the world, with more than 1,400 locations across the country.