Starbucks Will Support Passbook by End of Month

Coffee giant Starbucks says that it will integrate its app with Apple’s new Passbook feature by the end of the month.

The company this morning tweeted, “Our Passbook update is coming at the end of this month. 00111010 00101001.” Starbucks already has a very popular mobile payments app that, just like Passbook, just not requrie NFC.

Passbook is a new feature that came with iOS 6 for the iPhone. The software app allows users to store all sorts of things, such as loyalty cards, movie tickets, and coupons, in one spot and access them easily for mobile usage.

Starbucks has faced intense criticism this week for making some unpopular changes to its loyalty card. It no longer offers free soy or free flavour shots with a registered membership card, something that lactose intolerant folks have been particularly vocal about.