Start CONNECTing before the October 12th Conference

If you’ve already purchased your tickets for CONNECT then you know that their online community is a big part of what will make the event a success. And have you connected before and after the October 12th event.

The community will serve as a forum for CONNECT attendees to create connections and message other entrepreneurs, including CONNECT speakers, Get Advice leaders, peers, mentors, and industry experts.

Plan a face-to-face meeting at CONNECT and don’t forget to come back after the event is over. CONNECT’s online community will be live year round.

The CONNECT online community is live, so if you’ve purchased your ticket be sure to create your profile now. Add your bio, picture, interests, projects, and social networks and begin networking.  You’ll also want to browse the registered members and add them to your network.

If you haven’t bought a ticket, what are you waiting for?