Startup 101: A Serialized Reference Book For Entrepreneurs

A friend sent me a link to ReadWriteWeb’s new channel dedicated entirely to helping startups get going.  It’s called ReadWriteStart and it’s housing the information or chapters to a book that will be printed and available online.  It’s sponsored by Microsoft BizSpark.

Titled Startup 101, the series will answer the most pressing and relevant questions an entrepreneur needs to know, answer or consider before, during and after creating a Web technology startup (if you’re building a clean tech, bio tech, outsourcing, hardware, or other type of technology venture, this is something useful as well).  I think the chronological order of questions to ask is useful and the fact that it is meant to be used more as a reference, as opposed to analyzing trends simplyfies things.

We really hope this will be helpful to the early employees who believe in the dream and do the actual hard work of making it real. They are often the apprentice entrepreneurs, learning the game before starting their own ventures. Or they may just want to understand the overall context faced by the owners, so that they can be more effective at their jobs. Not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur or has the characteristics of an entrepreneur, a subject we’ll explore in the second chapter/post, “Are You an Entrepreneur?”

Their first chapter deals with the 10 things entrepreneurs need to know before they start a company.  There are 30 chapters in total.  I’m looking forward to reading all the steps.