Startup Camp returns to Montreal for #7

Startup Camp 7 is still months away, but spaces are limited, and if you’re a Montreal entrepreneur with a great start-up, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to network, promote, and learn. Early stage companies, investors and onlookers will all be in attendance, looking for the next big thing or just catching up with what’s happening in Montreal’s vibrant technology scene.

The keynote speaker this year is the man behind MapQuest (among other past and current projects), Perry Evans [pictured]. A fan of all things local, Evans will be talking about his newest venture, Closely, Inc., a company focusing on the live local marketing space.

Do you have a start up of your own? There are only five spaces for 15 minute presentations, and all are still up for grabs. You can contact Philippe Telio to reserve your spot. This is a great opportunity to present your early stage company to a captive audience of interested people.

Startup Camp 7 is being held January 20th, 2011, from 3–11 p.m. at the Théâtre Telus. You can register and find out more information here.