Startup Canada’s Mentorship Challenge Drives Major Impact During Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week is well under way. By design, its mission is to inspire innovation, imagination and creativity through entrepreneurial activities.

Tied to GEW is Startup Canada’s Mentorship Challenge and its goal to collectively mentor 10,000 Canadians over the course of the week.

Co-hosted by here.

The in-person events are also being supported by online activities hosted by Startup Canada partners. This month, Techvibes announced a partnership between the Moncton-based startup, Startup Canada’s Page.

Other online activities include Mentor Rock Stars, announced earlier this week, through a series of short video interviews. Ten inspiring Canadians were nominated for their leadership and contributions to their entrepreneurial communities.

The Canadian Mentorship Challenge has been fully volunteer-run with no outside funding. Victoria Lennox, one of Startup Canada’s cofounders, said, “we are thrilled with the response of the Canadian entrepreneurship community to the Challenge. The impact has been that of elevating awareness of mentorship as critical to supporting vibrant entrepreneurial communities. This grassroots Challenge has created an aspirational campaign that has elevated the ambitions and performance of mentorship events in communities across the country and celebrated deserving mentor rockstars.”

To illustrate the success of the campaign, one event (The York Region Small Business Tweetup) had over 426 Tweets generated and two million impressions, which reached an audience of 105,546 in 24 hours.

A true social entrepreneur, Lennox’s rallying efforts within Canada’s enterprise sector have begun to make headway nation-wide. Her name and the Startup Canada brand have become intimately linked with the grassroots movement of “starting up” Canada.