Startup Drinks Canada-wide this week

Startup Drinks is a monthly “freestyle” networking event hosted in pubs and bars by “startup community instigators” coast to coast.

The next round of Startup Drinks get underway on July 28th in multiple cities followed by Waterloo on August 3rd.


  • When: 6pm, Wednesday, July 28th
  • Where: Grace O’Malleys, 14 Duncan Street
  • Your hosts: Brian Watson and Robin Gittens (CEO Fusion), David Crow (Microsoft), Mark Evans (ME Consulting)


  • When: 5:30pm, Wednesday, July 28th
  • Where: Phillips Lounge, 1184 Place Phillips
  • Your host: Robin Ahn, Raymond Luk and Peter Bailey (Flow Ventures)


  • When: 5pm, Wednesday, July 28th
  • Where: Crave Wine Bar and Kitchen
  • Your host: Leasa Gibbons (SAINT)


  • When: 5pm, Tuesday, July 28th
  • Where: Amigos
  • Your hosts: Ryan Lejbak (zu), Katherine Regnier (24hrAssistant)


  • When: 6pm, Tuesday, August 3rd
  • Where: Chainsaw, 28 King Street North
  • Your host: Dan Silivestru



  • When: 5:00pm, Wednesday, July 28th
  • Where: On the Edge Pub, 303 Columbia Street
  • Your host: Derek Shanahan (Foodtree)


  • When: 6:00-9:00pm, Wednesday, July 28th
  • Where: Bourbon Quarter, 112 Prince William Street
  • Your host: Jeff Roach (propel Accelerator)

If you’re part of a startup looking for a fun and easy way to connect with other members of the business world, why not see what Startup Drinks has to offer?