Startup Drinks comes West

Mark your calendar – Startup Drinks is coming to Vancouver on January 27th and Nitobi‘s Brian LeRoux is the local instigator.

Startup Drinks CA is a monthly freestyle networking event hosted in pubs and bars by startup community instigators from coast to coast.  We keep it a presentation free and sponsor free because the point is to make connections over drinks and…..relax a little.  You can talk shop, geek out or just shoot the breeze.   Startup Drinks CA promotes synchronized drinking so if you’re out of town, chances are you could attend in another city. Check out the cities above for a suitable time and place and go get your Startup Drinks on!

Great timing as the following day is the Canadian Financing Forum and Bootup Demo Days, so there may be come interesting VC types in town looking to get their drink on. Stay tuned for location details.

Thanks to Raymond Luk and Robin Ahn of Flow Ventures for making Startup Drinks a National event.