Startup School 5 in Calgary this month

Calgary Entrepreneur Michael Sikorsky is hosting the fifth iteration of his Startup School on February 27/28th at the University of Calgary. Tuition is $599 and the class size is limited to 10. The agenda is jam-packed and alumni testimonials make it a no-brainer decision for anyone considering starting up.

It is two days and its mission isn’t to inspire you. Its mission is to significantly increase your chances of creating a successful business. Their are plenty of events which bring out plenty of speakers who inspire very well. I’m interested in giving you as much actionable knowledge and direct feedback as possible. Their is no filler (but lunch and snacks are provided).

In addition to the practical knowledge learned during the school. Most of the files, documents, contracts, spreadsheets, term sheets, grant applications and presentations Michael has created over his last 12 years will be provided to the course participants (under NDA, and with redacting).

Startup School alumni are also invited to the startup school online community and Sikorsky promises that proceeds go back into the Canadian startup scene through an investment into a Startup School alumni company.  Great idea.