Startup School Calgary Presents: A (short) evening of pitches

I’m sure most of you in the Calgary Startup Scene have heard about the Startup School ran by MJ Sikorsky.  Well this coming Tuesday (March 24th) MJ is hosting an investment pitch sesh with 3 of his top Alums from 2008.

Jon Lam with Ph03nix New Media Inc, Jack Newton with Themis Solutions Inc, and Lorand Szojka with JITR INC will be taking the stage to show us what they’re made of.  Jon was named one of the “Top 5 Digital Media People to watch in Alberta in 2009”, Jack won “best pitch” at Startup School 08, and Lorand won “most improved pitch” at Startup School 08 so I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

MJ promises two important things:  #1. All pitches are screened. (read:  They don’t suck.) and #2. All pitches will be short.

There’s nothing worse than listening to a long pitch that sucks…except for maybe listening to 3 of them back to back…

To RSVP and find out the location email  Things get going at 5:30 so don’t be late!

***Click here for details on the next Startup School in April.***