Startup Ski offers a fun day of networking on the hills of Mont Blanc

Don’t miss out on a fun opportunity to meet and connect with your friends in the startup community on March 19th at the first-ever Startup Ski event.

Startup entrepreneurs are invited to bring themselves and their families to the slopes of Mont Blanc for a highly informal and low priced day of networking and fun on the slopes. Even the little ones are invited, and it’ll be no problem to get them out on the slopes thanks to special low prices.

Those low prices were obtained by Mile-End-Media and, the companies that organized the event. The price ranges from $19 for children under 12 to only $32 for adults over 18 for the full day. However, the price is dependent upon at least 20 people showing up for the event, so don’t be left at home while everyone else is enjoying themselves.

Brent F. Barrett, director of production at Mile-End-Media, is even helping attendees get there by arranging carpools, and if needed, rental vehicles. If you are in need of transport or can offer to drive to the event, leave your info or find Barrett’s contact info here.

Startup Ski takes place on March 19th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., followed by Après-ski events TBD. To get the discounted rates, registration must be made by March 12th, so to register or get more info, click here.