Startup Weekend Edmonton recap

Startup Weekend had just over 50 people come out this weekend for two and a half days of planning, coding a presenting apps. They ended up with 7 teams (the smallest being 2 and the largest being 14) with  a mix of developers, designers, business people, students, and more. One of the goals for the weekend was to get some diverse groups working together and co-organizer Cam Linke says that definitely happened. For a couple of the apps it will be little more than a weekend project. However most of the teams want to continue what they built in some manner, and a couple of the teams used Startup Weekend as the starting point for startups they want to keep growing.

Seven team built apps this weekend:


Helping Manual – A crowd-based platform for people to help give information and resources to those in need of services. The focus of this app was on helping the homeless and the people who are working with them on a daily basis.

Launch With Me – A platform for people to see what projects are being built in a community. It is also a platform to find out more information about what skills people have and how people who have worked with them in the past rate them. They have an API built as well so other people can build apps on their platform. Currently it’s best viewed in Safari or Chrome.

Rubber Chicken Assassin – An iphone game in which people can take pictures of their friends and ‘assassinate’ them by beating them with a rubber chicken. It then takes information from the user’s friends profile to create an obituary of the assassination and post it on their FB profile alerting them of what happened.

Eartonic – An app for people tune training music students. Super simple and clean and allows people to track their progress as they are tested on different sounds. no URL right now

Flatlander – A 2d game similar to minecraft that people can build their own world on a map. Has an awesome Zelda feel to it!

Swift – An invoice management tool, focused on small companies helping them to get paid faster, and to be able to take advantage of saving options for paying invoices on time. The app was built to solve a problem that someone on the team deals with every day, as he works as an accountant. – no URL right now

Google Earth Sounds – Built on top of the google earth API this allows people to put sounds, music, noises, etc. on different locations on google maps. People are able to come later to hear what other people have placed as sound for the area. An awesome app by a team that learned the API and JavaScript and built the app in the weekend. – no URL right now

Startup Edmonton is really excited about how the weekend turned out. Says co-organizer, Cam Linke, “It was really great for people to get some experience building products and working with teams to see what they could build in just a couple days. I think that one of the things we were most excited about was how many students came out and to give them some exposure to the tech/startup community here in the city.”

Startup Edmonton is planning on running two Startup Weekends a year, with the next one happening in the fall.