StartupWeekend in Vancouver?

Have you ever wondered what a group of highly talented and motivated people could accomplish in a weekend? Could they start a company from concept to completion? StartupWeekend might just have the answer to that question. After an inaugural event in Boulder, StartupWeekend is coming to Toronto and local interest has been huge.

Startup WeekendStartupWeekend is a unique three-day experience, bringing together the best and brightest people together in a local office space to select a business idea, break into teams, and develop the product, marketing and revenue model. StartupWeekend is a new way to allow the local entrepreneurial community to come together and incubate a company from concept to completion in just three days.

Sounds like a pretty cool idea. Don’t believe me, check out David Cohen’s Top Ten reasons to attend StartupWeekend (via David Crow). Who’s game in Vancouver?