StartupCamp Toronto 2

The 2nd StartupCamp Toronto took place at the CIX venue yesterday where the following startups made their pitches:

1. Brainpark: Mark Dowds gave a very exciting presentation which included a professionally produced introductory video.  He mentioned that Brainpark has recently raised $2.2 million and in addition to enabling people to share information about what they are doing, it also provides a recommendation engine. Lack of a demo attracted some criticism.

2. LoyaltyMatch: Brad Ball talked about his startup which enables users to exchange loyalty points and also serves as a destination portal for items which can be bought with loyalty points. He estimated that the loyalty points market is between $200-$400 billion!

3. SocialDeck: A social game start-up for mobile phones, with the idea being to let people play casual turn-based games. Their key value proposition is that their games are cross-platform, so that they can be played across different mobile phones, or via Facebook, Bebo, etc. They launched their first game on Facebook today itself – called Blockbust (based on Blokus).

4. AskKinjo: It is a mobile audio service which provides information on nearby gas stations, etc based on a user’s location. Their revenue model is to play ads before the relevant information is communicated to the user.