StartupCamp Waterloo Event Summary

This past Tuesday another Waterloo StartupCamp took place at the Accelerator Centre. The camp had a great turn out with seven teams making presentations. This is the first startup camp I have attended and the format was very open and friendly. The setting is very informal and everyone is encouraged to participate either by presenting or by providing feedback for presenters. The StartupCamp was loads of fun and a great opportunity to see what’s new in the regions start up community. The Accelerator Centre, Communitech and Tech Capital Partners donated the space, snacks and pizza. They even sponsored a round of beer for the group after the StartupCamp. The teams presenting were:

Ultrasaur RM: service that audits changes made on computer files. Ulrasaur RM aims to prevent system administrators from tampering with documents and files. Ultrasaur RM will never see the files it has detected tampering with and the service is completly secure.

Thinkpanda: a website that assists users in organizing their thoughts. Users can add comments to links they find and organize the links using tags and streams. The service is currently in alpha. 

NeverBored Studios: Creators of ThreadBound, a casual game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will be launching soon.

Kaimera Media Inc.: developing a kiosk system for capturing and distributing videos as souvenirs. The hardware is more or less finished, but developers are needed to add new functions. Aside from the media kiosk system Kaimera Media creates webpages, videos, logos and other promotional material. 

Primal Fusion: aims to organize searches and web research by anticipating what you are searching for and organizing it into a webpage. Users can combine search results, news items and photos to create personalized websites on the topics they are researching.

PagerDuty: a effective on call managment service that alerts tech support teams when something goes wrong. The alerts are sent over the phone, schedules for on call support can be set up, and if no one picks up the phone the call is sent on to the next person. PagerDuty is great on-call notification system and its applications are endless.

Giftah: a marketplace that allows users to sell gift cards and buy discount gift cards. All transactions on the website are 100% guaranteed by Giftah.

If you are looking for more information on the teams that presented at StartupCamp check out their websites or read Will Spaetzel’s comprehensive blog post on the presentations.

Disclosure: Techvibes Waterloo Contributor Henry Finn is one of the co-founders of Giftah.