StartupEmpire Contest – Free Pass and travel credit

Montreal Entreprenuer Extraordinaire Austin Hill is speaking at SmtartupEmpire later this month in Toronto and he wants Western Canadian startups to make the trek East. So much so that he’s sponsoring a contest that will help get 10 entrpreneurs part way there.

In the spirit of creating great opportunities for entrepreneurs I have partnered with my friend Raymond Luk from FlowVentures and the team from AngelSoft to sponsor 10 entrepreneurs to get the following packages.

  • A free pass to StartupEmpire.
  • A copy of Guy Kawasaki’s brand new book Reality Check which I recently read and is a great collection of essays & practical advice on many of the aspects of running a startup.
  • A copy of Randy Komisar’s “The Monk and the Riddle” one of my favourite startup books which is a quick read about startups & finding meaning as an entrepreneur written during the last tech collapse.
  • A $100 credit towards any travel costs you incur to attend (To help out of town attendees get to Toronto. If you win & are in Toronto we’ll ask you to donate your travel subsidy to one of the other winners who are travelling farther)
  • Angelsoft has donated a number of discounted and free applications to their OpenDeals program where you can submit your company to be viewed by over 10,000 angel groups. These will be given to startups that apply and qualify as companies looking for funding ($100-$250 in value).

The contest is open to any entrepreneur, startup or aspiring entrepreneur who working building a technology startup.

To enter the contest all you need to do is send an email to startupempire [@] answering the following 3 questions. Submissions must include your contact information, URL & Company contact details (if applicable) and should not exceed 1 page per answer.

  1. If you are a startup tell us about your company, size, market, product and what stage you are at in your growth.
  2. Why do you want to attend Startup Empire – what do you want to accomplish there?
  3. What are the 3 questions that you would want answered by any of the speakers @ StartupEmpire?

All entries should be received by this Saturday November 8th.