Startupfest Launches Five Separate Mini-Events to Tap Full Breadth of Attendees

Startupfest is changing up its annual event this year.

New for 2016 are “Premium Fests,” a series of five one-day events that each represent a demographic of Startupfest.

They are:

  • AngelFest is a one-day event dedicated to exposing what’s next in early-stage startup investment. Held in collaboration with NACO, this event brings together seasoned and prospective members of the global angel investment community.
  • AcceleratorFest is a specialized event presented by BDC Capital, designed for those who run accelerators – the directors, program managers and community managers who drive acceleration programs across the globe.
  • FundFest is a 2016 special edition of the BDC FUNDamental Principals events that will be hosted at Startupfest. FundFest will bring together over 100 fund managers and investors from across Canada and abroad to discuss the hot topic of fundraising.
  • ScaleupFest is an exclusive gathering for founders past the initial seed round, growing a foundational team and ready to take everything to the next level. ScaleupFest will illuminate what is often unaddressed – candid war stories, hard advice, the science and art of startup growth and more.
  • HackerFest is a 24-hour, outdoor, multi-topic, innovation marathon for developers, designers, inventors and all-around creators. Hack from a hammock on the Montreal waterfront this summer.

Premium Fests require a separate registration from Startupfest, organizers note.