StartupNation Becomes StartupEmpire

From David Crow, a small editorial correction. We previously wrote about StartupNation, a grassroots startup conference happening November 13-14, 2008 in Toronto. It seems that they needed to make a precautionary name change:

Apparently there was a trademark registered with the previous name of our conference. We loved the name. While we’ve been in informed that our use does not infringe on the existing trademark, we decided it was just easier to change the name of the conference.

The new name of the conference: StartupEmpire. Slightly ironic, but bold and forceful. David writes “It’s a little audacious. Entrepreneurs need to start thinking big.” An important lesson in branding; do your due diligence before finalizing a name, and get a trademark search done. For more information or to register, visit the StartupEmpire site.