State of the Calgary Twittersphere – September 2009

Mack D. Male wrote up his monthly snapshot of stats on the Calgary Twittersphere. His greatest stat? There were 7812 tweets that were twooshes from Calgary and area users in September.

As you’d expect, people continur to use twitter to procrastinate at work, with just over 50% of all local tweets posted between 9 AM and 5 PM. Props to the ten most active local users (most tweets first):

  1. kairocanuck
  2. ProtruckR
  3. larissababe567
  4. CalgaryCP
  5. workmanrw
  6. MrRockNRoll
  7. youthjuice1111
  8. Zarquil
  9. TomAnus2
  10. robertmcbean

…and don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss 🙂

It seems there’s a dedicated small group of hardcore twitter users, with a total of 1110 users posting 50 times or more in September.

Mack does a great job of compiling stats every month. It’d be great for someone else to take them and mash them up with what was happening during the month.