Stealth BigPark getting Bigger

A stealth gaming company is quietly hiring up a storm and hiding their team out in a off-the-radar office at the University of British Columbia. BigPark (recently well-renamed from Funny Fox Games) downplays the obvious in their intro about us paragraph:

BigPark is an interactive entertainment company founded in 2007 by a group of passionate gaming veterans who have worked together for over 20 years, and have led the creation and growth of two very successful software companies.

Very successful software companies?? BigPark was founded by Don Mattrick, Wil Mozell, Erik Kiss and Hanno Lemke of Electronic Arts fame. Together, this team has over 80 years of experience in the PC and video game business. Some of the hits they have produced and overseen are franchises such as: Test Drive, Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer, NBA Street, Harry Potter and The Sims. Not bad.

BigPark is currently hiring 3D Character Modellers, Rendering Programmers, Game Directors, and a plethora of other positions.