Steve Hnatiuk’s predictions for 2009

TechFlash’s John Cook has been querying Washington State’s top Venture Capitalists (part one & part two) and Vancouver own Steve Hnatiuk of Yaletown Venture Partners got into the mix. Have a read of his answers on everything from an purchase of eBay to the continued erosion of Google’s stock.

Number of IPOs in Washington state in 2009: Zero

Number of new investments your firm plans to make in 2009: Up to four

Google’s stock close: $353

Microsoft’s stock close: $25.50

Nasdaq final close on 12/31/09: 1795

Will Microsoft acquire Yahoo: “Yes. Or be taken private with Microsoft playing a role in the financing. “

What other tech acquisition(s) will occur in 2009: “Hopefully some.”

Where will your firm spend its time in 2009: Continuing to invest the most promising IT companies in British Columbia & the most promising cleantech companies throughout Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

What company is best positioned to take advantage of the downturn, grab market share and grow: Amazon

Advice to startups for 2009: “Stretch your cash.”

Other bold predictions for 2009 in tech, politics, sports or anything else: “Return of BC’s pro-business provincial government with another strong majority in spring of 2009. Yet another Canadian federal election will be called (not that anyone south of the 49th pays attention to Canadian politics).”

Hnatiuk was included on our Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2009 list earlier – check out why we’ve pegged him for a player in ’09.