Steve Nash joins Gene Simmons as Ortsbo Spokespeople

Toronto’s Intertainment Media is busy lining up celebrity spokespeople for its social media, real time, language translation platform,

Last month they announced that they had signed a business partnership and spokesperson agreement with rock legend and global entrepreneur, Gene Simmons. Speaking of which KISS co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will be hosting the world’s first interactive global fan chat – KISS Live & Global – in 53 languages on May 20th.

Today Ortsbo entered into an agreement with two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash to become an official spokesperson. Leading Ortsbo’s global sports fan program, Nash will present and participate in a number of online fan chats with international athletes from a number of sports disciplines.

Ortsbo is in the process of releasing its first beta application for mobile phones – Ortsbo for iPhone. Other Ortsbo mobile phones and portable computing apps, including apps for Android, Apple, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and tablet computers are scheduled to begin launching Summer 2011.