StickerYou wants to decorate your laptop

Stickers are popular.  Especially with those who live in the coffee shops tapping away at their laptops.  Some are writing code.  Other are blogging away.  The one thing most of them have in common is not the machines they use.  It’s how they’re personally decorated.  They’ve got stickers.

Toronto-based StickerYou has today launched a new and innovative online service.  StickerYou brands itself as “the only sticker making experience, powering any website, for ordering high quality die cut stickers for any purpose or passion off line.”

While this may seem unimportant to many, the sticker industry is a $1-billion industry in North America with no dominant player.  What separates StickerYou from everyone else is their ability to create user-designed stickers in any shape or size.  Goodbye boring round, oval and square!

Andrew Witkin is StickerYou’s president and chief executive:

StickerYou saw a huge opportunity to revolutionize people’s ability to create personalized stickers. We give consumers the right to pick the size, shape and images that they want. The end result is the perfect sticker.

StickerYou is addressing a market that features an insatiable desire for stickers—from decorating laptops to styling skateboards; from creating bumper stickers to personalizing scrapbooks; or just stickering your logo.  For consumers, marketers, artists, brands and teams, StickerYou’s ability to create and order as little as one to a few hundred customized stickers is a powerful proposition.

StickerYou has already secured deals with notable brands such as Star Trek and the Canadian Football League.  They have also received financing from Techvibes’ digital media “superstarJordan Banks.