Strangeloop optimizes your site speed in the Cloud

In 2009, Forrester Consulting released a survey showing that web users became impatient after waiting just 2 seconds for a page to load.

This morning Vancouver’s Strangeloop Networks announced the release of Site Optimizer – a powerful web acceleration product that promises to shave those valuable seconds from page load times.

“Web speed has become the next competitive battlefield for any organization that takes online business seriously,” says Strangeloop president Joshua Bixby. “Consumers demand increasingly faster websites, and there is a growing body of mainstream research that shows a direct relationship between site speed and revenue.”

Not surprisingly Joshua Bixby has plenty of data to justify the development and launch of Site Optimizer. In 2009, Aberdeen Group found that a 1-second delay in page load time equals a 7% decrease in conversions. The shopping megasite Shopzilla increased revenues by 12% after making their site faster.

According to Strangeloop, despite billions of dollars invested in network accelerators (ADCs), content delivery networks (CDNs), and in-house development projects, only one site in the Fortune 500 meets Forrester 2-second standard.

Strangeloop’s Site Optimizer is the first product to tackle the core of today’s performance problem via the cloud. Site Optimizer is a web acceleration product that offers enterprises – from ecommerce sites to SaaS delivery – a powerful set of features that work together to provide roundtrip reduction, rapid rendering, and dynamic browser caching. Site Optimizer analyzes every page of a site from the browser’s perspective and optimizes each page so that it is delivered most efficiently to each browser type.

Site Optimizer works in conjunction with other acceleration solutions to compound performance optimization. In a typical scenario, a site that uses a CDN and an ADC finds that it is able to reduce page load time by 30%, from 9.5 seconds to 6.2 seconds. By adding Site Optimizer to the mix, the same site cuts its already accelerated load time by more than half, down to 2.8 seconds.

Strangelooop Networks was founded by brothers Jonathan and Joshua Bixby in 2007 and proceeded to raise $11.5 Million in Series A funding from a private investment group. The Bixbys had previously founded IronPoint Technology which was sold to The Active Network thirty months after inception in 2006.