Streamline the Lesson Planning Process with Planboard

Many of us dread paperwork. I know I do. Luckily for us, there are many successful applications and pieces of software out there dedicated to reducing people’s time and energy put into tedious, monotonous administrative tasks. For example, Mashable had a look at 5 innovative classroom management tools used to help teachers find more time to dedicate to teaching.

The idea behind Planboard is to help shoulder the burden of paperwork for teachers. Planboard is a tool to help teachers streamline their lesson planning process. Some features include calendar sharing and lesson plan storage for easy modifications during the upcoming year. This makes it a lot easier for substitute teachers to get an idea of where the class is and what the class needs to learn. It was also one of the finalists for Velocity’s Venture Fund competition.

Planboard is the brainchild of Vetica Interactive Inc. Vetica was founded by entrepreneurs William Zhou and David Kim in 2009. The duo has already published a tool called Draftboard (which was acquired by a company in the United Kingdom). Vetica enlisted the abilities of Brittney Hall, Ryan McKay-Fleming, Suraj Srinivas, and Tony Cui to contribute to the creation of Planboard.

Zhou and Kim recognized the struggle that their own high school teachers were having with the current lesson planning procedures. They went around to other teachers and had a look at how they planned daily lessons. The teachers expressed the need for a better way to plan classes, and this gave birth to the concept behind Planboard.  

Like Draftboard, Planboard is a web application designed to be simple and very easy for users to pick up. That’s one of Vetica’s driving principles: Design powerful products that make life easier for the end user. If people don’t know how to use it, it doesn’t matter if software can fly them to the moon.

Planboard uses a subscription-based model, with a flat rate of $29.95 per year for each user. Vetica is looking accelerate adoption by licensing the product to regional school boards. It’s also constantly evolving, and Vetica has an extensive roadmap for Planboard. Amongst the next steps is a focus to move going mobile.

Students that looked forward to classes with substitute teachers may hate it (myself included), but Planboard is a very helpful tool available for teachers. If you’re a teacher and want to try it out, give it a whirl without paying for 14 days. If you contribute some feedback, Vetica will extend your trial period to 60 days. If you’re a high school teacher, I highly recommend trying it out; it looks like a great tool to give you time to do what you do best.