StreamTheWorld delivers convergence to Media giants

Yesterday on, Peter Hadekel wrote about a Montreal startup that is helping Big media achieve the holy grail – convergence. Print, broadcasting, the Internet, or wireless – delivering content and advertising to all these audiences has been difficult to date. Convergence was the inspiration for BCE Inc.’s acquisition of The Globe & Mail and CTV and led to AOL’s takeover of Time Warner in the US.

In Montreal, entrepreneur Yves Eric Laliberte is on the front lines of the convergence phenomenon. His company, StreamTheWorld, provides audio and video web-streaming to media companies. StreamTheWorld’s customers include 1,000 radio stations that stream their programs live on the Internet – Laliberte claims that is about 60% of the North American radio market.

The company also serves newspapers like Montreal’s La Presse and publishers like Chicago’s Tribune Co. who are eager to put video clips online to supplement their news coverage and draw both readers and advertisers. Laliberte also notes that among StreamTheWorld’s client list is CBS and ESPN.

While many convergence-inspired deals like the ones above have failed to pay off in profits, StreamTheWorld is making the best of the convergence trend. They currently employ 60 and expect to do $7 Million in revenue this year.