OrderDynamics’ Success Evidence of Strengthening Ecommerce Adoption in Canada

Toronto-based OrderDynamics, an on-demand commerce platform provider, reported its strongest year to date in 2012.

Retailers are aiming to maximize momentum gained from a strong holiday shopping season, the Canadian company says. Adopting of ecommerce in Canada looks “promising,” according to OrderDynamics, and all trends suggest continued growth through 2013.

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Last year, several prominent Canadian retailers became clients of OrderDynamics. Aritzia, Ardene, and RW&Co all launched ecommerce platforms using various solutions, while several global retailers including Mexx and Sephora launched Canadian-focused ecommerce sites as well.

“OrderDynamics [is committed] to helping Canadian retailers enter eCommerce and grow online sales channels,” says Michael Turcsanyi, president of OrderDynamics. “It’s clear the needs and shopping trends of Canadian consumers require retailers to offer a consistent and unified experience across all touch points.”

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A 2012 study by eMarketer asserts that Canadian ecommerce growth rates will outpace those of the US and will continue to do so through 2016.