Strutta fine-tunes its Game

Gastown’s Strutta quietly made an adjustment to their business model last week. According to Co-founder Danny Robinson, instead of seeking a second round of financing, they’re making a move that promises to get them to a cashflow positive model sooner.

“Taking more money is always a tough decision. If you can make your company cashflow positive without the need for additional financing, it’s usually a good idea to do that, especially when you still have the same upside potential. When that opportunity presented itself, we devised a plan and went for it.”

Strutta’s new business approach (not a surprise that this is stealth again) will apparently be achievable with their current funding. This business realignment will see Strutta moving under the Bootup Labs umbrella as the first start-up in their roster. An easy move considering considering Bootup Labs has been sharing Strutta’s office space on Water Street since inception.