Strutta Puts On Its Game Face

struttaIt’s safe to say that the game’s afoot for local Vancouver company Strutta. Although the video competition site only took the wraps off the site late last night/early this morning, CEO Danny Robinson and the Strutta crew have already scored a triple combination of positive coverage over at TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Mashable. The Strutta site is built around the idea of online video competitions. Users can challenge each other in video-based Battle-Royales for bragging rights, nerd notoriety, and geek glory, or simply vote on entries in the various ongoing games. It’s the kind of thing that appeals to both sides of the human ego: the need for approval, and the need to pass scornful, scornful judgment. While I haven’t personally taken up a challenge on Strutta yet (pasty ginger guy + bad lighting = horror), our own Warren Frey is already busy representing Team Techvibes on the site with his…skills. I’ll leave it at that. (Disclosure: I sit in the Strutta offices, mooching their Wi-Fi and spectacular view. They just wouldn’t shut up about this thing. There, are you happy now Danny?)