Student Startup #4: The University of Toronto’s (AKA ‘The New Napkin’)

Student Startups is a bi-weekly series created by Techvibes to highlight Canada’s talented student entrepreneurs. Across the country, bright minds with brilliant ideas are launching businesses before they even graduate from school. We want to recognize and celebrate these ambitious youngsters, who refuse to let studying for exams hinder their drive to succeed as entrepreneurs. Student Startups profiles cover both the startups and the students behind them—in their own words.

In our fourth edition, we’ve got a University of Toronto student pitching his new venture,


Everybody has innovative ideas—not just entrepreneurs and corporations. And, far too often, these ideas are merely just scribbled on a napkin, or worse, forgotten entirely. But what if they could be made? Brought to fruition? What if they could actually make everybody’s life a little easier? aims to voice these everyday ideas to the world, making innovation a social experience. You can post, browse, and share ideas while interacting with other thinkers and entrepreneurs. Because, don’t you want a thing to…?


The platform, now in beta, is the new napkin. Every time you have a good idea—or wish something was invented—don’t jot it down, don’t wait, and don’t forget it. Instead, post it on for everyone to see. People, entrepreneurs, and corporations alike will read and rate your ideas. If they like it, they may develop it. If they want to know more about it (or partner up), they can message you. People can even share ideas across social media using Twitter and Facebook integration. Meanwhile, each idea’s public applause shows how in-demand it really is.

And it’s not limited to your computer: share your ideas wherever you go with the iPhone app. Next time you’re in a cafe or on the road, you know where to reach (after pulling over, of course).

So from here, don’t watch as evolves, but grow with it from the ground floor. As more ideas are posted, and innovation is born, further features and interactivity will develop with the aim of connecting businesses to consumers. For today, it’s an idea for ideas.
Finally, a truly social approach to innovation.


Aaron Lundin Shapland is a Canadian entrepreneur and designer. He first ventured into the tech world as a high school senior with the founding of OpusExpo, an eBook store that predated the Kindle, Kobo, Nook, and iPad.

In late 2010, he co-founded the Vordik Corporation, a small web development agency where he currently serves as CEO. This year, he graduates from the University of Toronto, moving on to charter a future in startups, business development, and technological innovation.

If you’re a student entrepreneur and want to tell the world about your startup, let us know.