Sun Startup Essentials Program WILL NOT BE axed by Oracle

It looks like the first casualty of Oracle’s acquistion of Sun Microsystems will be Sun’s Startup Essentials Program, at least in Canada. We just heard from the Canadian Manager of the startup-focused program and the plug has been pulled.

So, what are Canadian startups missing out on?

In today’s aggressive market, startup companies are constantly challenged and looking for ways to help get their products and services to market quickly and to design them in such a way to scale as they grow.The Sun Startup Essentials program is designed specifically to help startups get off the ground rapidly and at lower cost.

The fee-free Startup Essentials program is a great way for new companies to get their big ideas off the ground.The program consists of discounted or free products and services designed with startups in mind.In addition a quick application and online catalogue delivers what you need fast.The program offers deep discounts on industry leading, power efficient systems and storage products, massively scalable Web hosting services, plus free training and technical advice.

Update: We’ve been contacted by Sun Microsystems who have informed us that the Sun Startup Essentials Program is still intact.