SunCentral – Let the Sunshine In!

The Canadian Financing Forum took place this week in Vancouver and Chris Forrest took in a handful of the Cleantech presentations. This blog post is the first in a series of five.

The coveted office with a window is no longer just a hope or dream for the cubicle dweller 65ft. into the core of an office tower. Vancouver’s SunCentral‘s sun light capturing technology brings sunlight to the core of the office. This UBC born technology can be retrofitted to existing buildings or incorporated into the design of new buildings to capture natural light in the office space.

SunCentral’s Core Sunlight Illumination System claims to be the first lighting system capable of providing cost-effective natural light throughout multi-floor buildings. SunCentral’s proprietary design uses inexpensive, proven, building materials and optical films to deliver solar lighting at costs below electric light – an industry milestone.  They claim to have a payback period of 5 years in the Lower Mainland climate of BC and 2 years in more southern climates, with greater sun exposure.

SunCentral’s value proposition is that their system will offset the cost of illuminating office spaces by delivery sunlight vs. electric lightning during peak hours.  They are working with partners to integrate their systems into building design standards and hope to license their technology to building envelop and lighting fixture designers.

SunCentral is seeking $4-6 Million over the next 8-12 months to develop channels, partnerships and to secure senior management.  They expect to have commercialized sales by 2013 and will turn a profit by 2015.  To date they have two demonstration installations and are seeking opportunities to develop four more sites.