SunCentral to Deliver Natural Indoor Sunlight to Iconic Canadian Building in Berlin

Vancouver-based SunCentral, a supplier of indoor natural lighting solutions for commercial use, has won a contract to deliver natural sunlight to an iconic Canadian building: the Timber Hall at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

The Timber Hall is a structure that is mostly shaded by adjacent buildings throughout the year. A total of 20 SunBeamers will be installed, providing full-spectrum, natural sunlight deep within the core of the hall. It’s the company’s first installation in Europe.

SunCentral’s UBC-born technology can be retrofitted to existing buildings or incorporated into the design of new buildings to capture natural light in the office space. Its Core Sunlight Illumination System claims to be the first lighting system capable of providing cost-effective natural light throughout multi-floor buildings. The Canadian company’s proprietary design uses inexpensive, proven, building materials and optical films to deliver solar lighting at costs below electric light, with a payback period of five years in Canada and two years in southern climates with greater sun exposure.

“SunCentral has proven its technology in multiple buildings across Canada and the United States, but with this first European installation, SunCentral is starting a new chapter – a chapter that says SunCentral is ready to ship and install worldwide,” explains SunCentral CEO Frank Christiaens.

SunCentral, which now has 24 employees, was founded in 2010. Since then, the Canadian startup has raised $6.6 million in financing.