Super Rewards Offers Online Management Console

Super Rewards, a Vancouver-based leader in virtual goods for online games and currencies announced earlier this week that they’re offering an industry first: a software solution for Web application and game publishers.  This will help them control advertising on the sites.  The software is available on social networks, virtual worlds and stand alone sites as well.

More than just a new advertising solution, this platform enhances the virtual goods opportunity by rewarding gamers and application users with additional points, virtual goods, or virtual dollars for completing offers or paying directly with their credit card, mobile phone, or other micropayment options.

If you’re a game and application publisher, the console helps create a more precise and automated filtering of relevant offers. Publishers can filter the right offers at the right time, land this leads to higher level of customer engagement.  As co-founder Jason Bailey says,

Our Offer Management Console solves that problem while building significant brand awareness over time. Publishers can rest assured knowing that their customers will only receive the most relevant and highest quality offers.

The end result is happier customers, and we all know that a happy customer means more revenue for both you and your advertisers.