SuperAngel takes flight

Young Entrepreneur advocate Harley Finkelstein has just launched – a new venue for articles, videos, commentary and a great way for entrepreneurs to get their business plans into their hands.

Welcome to SuperAngel, a dynamic destination that actively supports young entrepreneurs and start-ups by providing mentoring, funding, and an industry-leading vetted network of contacts.

We encourage you to explore our site, take advantage of our posted resources, and if you believe that you are a strong candidate for the SuperAngel team (either as a mentor, funder or founder) kindly submit your business plan or contact information through our site.

We’re truly passionate about helping other young entrepreneurs achieve their full potential through active mentoring, micro financing, and by ensuring they’re at the right place at the right time with the right people.

We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm and an affection for exciting new ventures and budding young talent…after all we ourselves are young entrepreneurs as well.