Surveys Made Easy With is a new Toronto-based startup which has launched its powerful survey tool, after a couple of private betas and a public beta. It features a very intuitive “survey builder” which lets users drag-n-drop controls to create their surveys. Surveys can then be deployed to collect responses, which can then be analyzed in various ways. It is a very seamless end-to-end service and worked pretty nicely in my test run. Check out the demo video: is definitely an interesting web application, but I’m wondering about the business aspect. They provide a basic version for free, with paid versions available for those with more active surveying needs. But is there a large enough target market of folks interested in such a paid service for casual surveys ? Besides SurveyMonkey, a more formidable competitor to AskItOnline would be Google Spreadsheets, as it enables users to create surveys as well. What do you think ?

UPDATE: Kaitlyn McLaclan, Founder and President of AskItOnline, wrote in to mention that they are in discussions with various potential corporate customers and also plan to offer a “very sophisticated” reporting suite to make use of the data collected from the surveys. Regarding AskItOnline’s competitors, she mentioned:

Google Spreadsheets is a lot more, manual labour. SurveyMonkey “runs the process for you”, as do we – we’re aiming to do it (much) better!

I’m hoping to interview her soon to get more in-depth information about this new and exciting startup in town. Stay tuned!