SWIX: Previewing a social media metrics tool

“Social media marketing” is one of the hottest buzz phrases going around. In fact, an entire industry has sprouted around the phrase.

But it can be difficult to find out if these social media campaigns are really worth the money.

This is the problem SWIX, a new Ottawa start-up is looking to solve.

“People are spending a lot of money on it and don’t know if it’s working,” said SWIX CEO Scott Lake, giving a sneak preview of the product last night.

SWIX is a web app that provides detailed metrics on social media campaigns, with the ability to pull in data for many popular social sites.

Launching a full fledges social media campaign usually involves putting content up on many sites: Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Digg and others. This can make consolidating all those metrics a challenge.

“You end up with lots of content on different platforms,” said Lake. “SWIX puts all that stuff in one place.”


The SWIX dashboard gives the user the ability to create “pods” which monitor the individual web sites being used for the marketing campaign and updates the numbers every hour, allowing the campaigner to track page views, Diggs, RSS subscribers and Twitter followers, among other pieces of data

“It gets the metrics social media marketers need to justify their jobs,” said Lake.

Along with providing metrics, SWIX also includes an ROI calculator where the user can input the amount of money spent on the campaign and quickly see how much was spent on each conversion.



The reports generated by SWIX, complete with graphs, can be printed directly from the web app. However, in true social media fashion, SWIX also provides the ability to share data.

To show the information to anyone, SWIX will generate a URL to send out to anyone who needs to view the information. Said URL can be password protected to keep it confidential.

“People really need an easy way to get this data to other people,” said Lake.

A public beta of SWIX is planned before Christmas and anyone looking to be notified of the launch can sign up here.