Sxip Access gets Pinged

Denver-based Internet single sign-on company Ping Identity announced today that they’ve acquired Sxip Access, a Sxip Identity business unit with a product for on-demand identity management. Included in the sale is the technology, support contracts, and talented people behind the technology, sales and support. Sxip Access was launched three years ago to provide identity management for customers. While Sxip Identity believes in the enterprise market opportunity, Sxip has decided to focus on consumer solutions and are excited to see Ping integrate Sxip Access with their own identity management solution. The future integration of Sxip Access with Ping Identity’s PingFederate will provide enterprises using SaaS apps a more complete and integrated security suite of options for authentication and access control to Salesforce, Google Apps and other software-as-a-service applications.

“As the leader in Identity 2.0 technologies, Sxip was the first to develop identity management solutions for SaaS gorillas such as and Google Apps. Selling Sxip Access to Ping strengthens their offering and allows Sxip to focus on providing users with internet identity solutions such as Sxipper, making the Internet simpler and safer,” said Dick Hardt, founder and CEO of Sxip Identity.

Ping will be opening an office in Vancouver for the new employees – and they’re looking for office space.