T4G employees showing off their innovations to become The Ultimate Geek

The gloves are off at GeekFest ’11. Not only will host company T4G be showing off creative and innovative entrepreneurial solutions during the event, but they will be pitting their employees and their creative ideas against each other to find The Ultimate Geek in this year’s Ideas Competition on March 9th.

In January, T4G made a call for creative ideas from their employees, “anything from a new way of booking your hotel rooms, to a desk lamp that reminds you to do your timesheet.” They’ve whittled the 34 proposed ideas received down to 15, and on March 9th, they’ll be presenting their ideas at GeekFest.

 A panel of judges will hear out the 15 semi-finalists, and select finalists. A winner will be chosen from these three. First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Second, a set of steak knives. Third prize… you’re fired.

Actually, all three of the finalists will be winners, because they will have their ideas explored for further development and commercialization by T4G. But the grand prize — $10,000 — will go to a winner selected by attending guests.

“In past years, we’ve had some great ideas come out of GeekFest,” said Geoff Flood, president of T4G, in a press release. “As a company we’ve invested heavily recently in areas like energy management and healthcare, and we figured we’d up the ante and invest a little more in these impassioned technologists by offering a cash prize for the first time.”

Sadly, GeekFest is not open to the technology and entrepreneurial communities at large, and is invitation only. However, if you or your company are a client or partner of T4G, contact an account manager to receive aticket.