78% of Tablet-owning Parents Let Their Children Play with Mobile Devices

Tablets are the first mobile device to reach every age demographic, with even infants and toddlers amusing themselves with the iPad’s friendly touchscreen.

According to Nielsen’s quarterly Connected Devices Report, more than three-quarters of tablet-owning parents (78%) let their kids under age 11 play with tablets in their homes.

Often for play, but often for learning too: the majority of these parents (54%) said their children use tablets for educational purposes. And education is an opportunity to have even more parents let their children engage with tablets—among those who don’t let their kids play with tablets, 20 percent said they would if there was more educational content on them.

Tablets are also growing in popularity at school, according to Nielsen, which students appreciate. 71 percent of students are interested in accessing textbooks on their tablets. Currently, some of the more popular classroom activities among connected device owners over the age of 13 while using tablets include searching the Web (51%), reading books (42%), taking notes (40%) and completing assignments (30%).


Image: Nielsen