Tablet Takeover: Nearly half of Canadians plan to purchase a tablet within a year

tabletJust a couple of years ago, nobody wanted a tablet, and many didn’t really know or understand what it was. Then came the iPad.

Myriad competitors have launched kin to Apple’s tremendously popular tablet computer, yet consumers still can’t get enough of them.

“The tablet is the command centre—a mobile hub through which our customers will be able to access everything in their world – from reading email for work to looking at photos, programming their televisions to turning on lights at home, checking on friends on Facebook and even updating their personal finances,” says John Boynton, EVP and chief marketing officer for Rogers Communications. 

According to a recent poll of tablet and non-tablet owners by Strategic Counsel, 42 percent of Canadians say they plan t purchase a tablet within the next year. Those who own tablets? More than two-third take their tablet everywhere and well over half say their tablet is the first device they turn on in the morning. Non-tablet owners are envious, with 60 percent believing tablets will transform how we live, work and play.

“What we are seeing is a shift from one device to many devices connected together, anytime, anyplace,” John continues. “The tablet is the dashboard for the highways of tomorrow, where people can easily access the same personalized experiences at work, in the home or on the go.”